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Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 7:16 AM


Spend an afternoon sunning, swimming, and hiking the winding trails along miles of beautiful sandy beach on the north shore of Lake Michigan.
Be on the lookout for Protected Area and Closed Area Signs. These areas contain precious habitat and plant, animal and insect.
species that may be endangered.

Travel west on US-2 about 10-12 miles beyond I-75. The sandy beach stretches for about 3 miles. Parking is permitted on the shoulder of the highway. There are no restrooms, no lifeguards, and no food available to buy, so bring a picnic and enjoy the day.

The water level here varies, and depending on the amount of snow and rain we have received, the beach you remember from last year may not be the same beach this year.

In windy conditions, please be aware of dangerous rip currents along the beaches. Changes in wind pattern can bring about these dangerous currents. It is important to make sure you always swim with a buddy, keep an eye on the little ones, and don’t swim farther out or deeper than you can handle. There are also drop offs and natural holes, so swim cautiously.

There are lifesaving stations equipped with lifejackets, throw ropes, and lifesaving rings. There are also educational signs on numerous access trails leading to the beach.

At night, this area is great for stargazing as there are no city lights, and traffic is light at night. The south-facing shoreline provides a great opportunity for night photography of the Milky Way, constellations, and meteor showers over the lake. Bring a blanket, your favorite beverage, and some friends and be amazed by the number of stars you’re about to see.


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